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Acne, skin issues and Honey

I admit, I haven’t been taking care of my skin this year. My sabbatical has included not washing my face regularly since I don’t leave the house.

All that changed about a month ago, when I noticed I was developing a large zit on my left side of my cheek right near a newly formed smirk line on my face.

So, after a couple of days of putting my Tom’s of Maine toothpaste on it, to dry it out (whatever toothpaste you have will do), I felt it was ready enough to pop. Yes, I know, I know, never pop a zit. Well, when I do and when I didn’t, I had varying effects. When I did pop it, it went away without a trace. When I didn’t pop it, it left a scar. When I did pop it, it left a scar that went away.

So what happened this time? It got infected, (I assume) due to my nails not being clean, and it is finally diminishing after almost a MONTH! And it was huge, red, like Bill Clinton’s nose during his administration, except it was to the left of my nose.

I couldn’t put toothpaste on it after I tried to pop it because it stung too much. So I did nothing, a week passed, nothing. Then a couple of weeks ago, I looked on-line for natural remedies. Honey was one of them.

So I put honey and then a piece of tissue paper on it so I wouldn’t get honey on my sheets, pillows and blanket. I also decided to put honey on some other skin blemishes such as three little baby zits or skin tags or (some people call them ‘hamburgers?) growing under my eye. I also noticed a skin tag growing on my eye lid and was becoming quite prominent.

So I put honey there too. Since I wasn’t going out the next day, I decided to put honey on those same areas during the day. The large growth on my cheek did get a 10% smaller, but the skin tags or zits or whatever they were that were under my eye and on my eye, got smaller with the honey!

I put it on Saturday night and by Sunday, it was almost gone! They were mere nubs on my skin! I couldn’t believe it!

The big zit on my cheek however remained, as if to defy me for picking at it, to mar my beauty forever. I woke up Monday and rubbed my eye and felt a little rawness under my eye were the nubs were. They were diminishing and it hurt a little. I went to the bathroom and to my suprise and dismay, the skin tag on my eye lid was GONE. The dismay part was the huge planet still on my cheek.

I didn’t put honey on my face after that. I don’t know why but I decided to stop on the intense treatment. I was washing my face back to the twice daily ritual, I am still using my Trader Joe’s Dr. Bronner-like castile soap. It doesn’t dry my now combination type skin (a little oily on top depends on the humidity and normal every where else). I say now, because up until I turned 32, (two years ago), my skin was normal but sensitive, non-greasy.

My cousin last week, let me use some of her natural organic blemish cream, which name totally escapes me. It stung, when I put it on, but it felt really good. I noticed the next day it diminished more. Later last week, I broke down and bought the Indian Clay mud powder. I didn’t realize you could use on on the face, we used that on clients at the massage school I went to in Ojai, but we used it as part of a the body wrap.

Well, I used that, and it cleared up my skin even more, making my skin look even more radiant but not as radiant as a session in an ozone steam bath! Took most of my blackheads off my nose! After that I put my toothpaste on the planet that resembled Jupiter on a really good day, and I noticed it burned a little but it was finally going down. And down it went, so down that it started drying the pimple out around it. I visited my cousins again last mid-week and put some more of that cream on. And the other day, a white head was forming on the now deformed planet, the head was forming on the lower side of the zit. So, I popped it. Yes, I did.

My nails were clean as I just showered, and I didn’t use my nails, I used my finger pads to push outside the base of Mt. Everest of the zit. It got smaller. I put more toothpaste later that night. By Thursday, it was the driest place on earth. It was discolored, and dry. I noticed it started to flake a bit. So Saturday, I noticed I could peel it off. So did, and underneath was better skin.

It’s Sunday, and it’s mostly healed but there is still a bump there. I’ve been putting this cream on it Pure Life‘s Aloe and Vitamin E Cream on my face as my nightly moisterizer and during the day on my zit/mountain/planet. This cream has no petroleam, parabens or alcohol in it.

So 10% of the zit is still there, and it slowly improving. But the honey, yo! The honey worked on those skin tags and they are all, 100% gone. Nothing is there, just smooth skin!

Try it out and let me know, if anyone has any other tips to handle zits, please let me know!

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  6. kwashingtonco says:

    I have cystic acne and know your pain. If I don’t squeeze the gunk out they will stay forever and scar. With really bad cysts I have to keep squeezing it everytime the swelling goes down, because the selling and inflamation we’re trapping the pus down. I tried using natural raw honey and it has been like a miracle cure, especially on the gaping hole squeezing leaves. If the honey you were using wasn’t raw, try it again. It really does work!

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