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The Finals: Day 1

brel_in_kinsale.JPGTHE ARRIVAL:
We were lucky enough to be offered a lift from Lizzie and Ed in their Lamborghini. This likely saved us from getting hopelessly lost or eternally stuck circling a roundabout trying to figure out how to exit. Thanks Lizzie!Mel was also impressed at the number of random sheep. Photos will no doubt follow before long.

Despite knowing a disturbing number of random facts about all the couples involved (can’t wait to hear that Donald Duck imitation Allan), it was great to actually meet everyone. A little champagne didn’t hurt either.A photo shoot followed, during which we (and by “we” I mean, Mel) managed to spill champagne down my crotch just moments before the photographer was about to make us look famous. In her defence, we WERE in a hammock, a dangerous manoeuvre indeed.

Kinsale is known as the gourmet capital of Ireland; thus it made sense that our next challenge would involve dining at some of the top establishments in town.Tonight we were dropped into the centre of Kinsale challenged with a scavenger hunt. We were given several clues that would lead us to selected restaurants to be reviewed for Challenge #2. The last two couples to solve the clues and find their restaurant would be left without tables; they would be sent to a fish and chip shop.

Despite Brendan’s secret hope that he would get to eat fish and chips yet again, BREL had a strategy: divide and conquer! First: forget the clues—pick the best known restaurant in town (Fishy Fishy) and have Brendan run there as fast as he could. Chances were, we surmised, it was bound to be one of the featured restaurants.Meanwhile Mel hung back and used the power of the iPhone, using restaurant locator apps to find possible matches to the clues. This also avoided her having to run, which she enjoyed immensely.In the end Fishy Fishy had a table waiting for, and the BREL strategy paid off. Ironically, Mel doesn’t eat fish. More about that later.

You didn’t really think an evening with BREL in Ireland would end anywhere else, did you?


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