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RBG Cocktail #2: The BREL-TINI (instructional video)

Las Ventanas Tequila

The perfect martini is uncomplicated but elegant. It must be prepared properly—unhurried, and with style. Likewise the perfect BREL-tini is straightforward, but elegant in its simplicity.

Fill a martini glass with ice water and set aside to…chill

1 ½ ounces Tequila (distilled by Las Ventanas resort in Cabo, Mexico)

2 ounces Passion fruit juice (do I need to explain why?)

Stir slowly with a cocktail spoon in a martini shaker with ice.
Strain mix into the now-perfectly chilled glass.
Drop a Thai hot chili in the bottom (Brendan is the spicy, exotic one)
Garnish with shaved bacon chocolate (Mel is the sweet bacon-lover. And yes, it exists. Bacon and chocolate together at last!)

Serve in a hot tub with a champagne chaser.

bacon chocolate


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