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Pondering Probabilities: More Volcanic Ash?!


As we all know, only a few weeks ago, Eyjafjallajokull volcano brought air traffic across Europe to a grinding halt. The stories of stranded passengers and frustrated travellers filled the news for days. For me, it was personal : my sister was about to board a plane to Paris for her first overseas trip, a trip she had painstakingly planned for months –a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. After many frustrating days of waiting and hoping she cancelled her plans and resorted to going to Niagara Falls for the weekend. Needless to say, not the trip of a lifetime.

And so I wonder…what are the chances that less than 24 hours before we are about to board a plane to Ireland for the Ultimate Job finals, they close Irish airspace again???? It seems that a change of wind direction means ash is headed to Ireland.

This is a serious pain in the ash. (sorry, can’t help it).

As life-long travellers, we’ve grown accustomed to delayed and cancelled flights, lost baggage and things-in-general not working out as planned. In the event that our flight does indeed get cancelled on Tuesday, we have a Plan B and a Plan C (is it too late to take a ferry across the Atlantic?) We’d be lying if we said that this new development hasn’t added to the stress of an already pressure-filled week.

Perhaps this is the ultimate test for the ultimate job? Handling travel chaos with ease and grace? Did Runaway Bride and Groom put the volcano up to this?

And one last point…is it statistically possible that fate would interfere with both of my parents daughters’ plans of having the trip of a lifetime????

That volcano needs an ash-kicking. (sorry, still can’t resist).


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