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Observations in our first 24 hours in Ireland:



1.        A pint of Guinness in Ireland is WAY better than a pint of Guinness anywhere else. [Note from B: that’s not saying much coming from Mel, since she wasn’t much of a fan to begin with…] And not just because you’re drinking it in a REAL pub surrounded by fun Irish people. It actually tastes better.

2.       It’s a bit strange to be speaking the same language as everyone and yet still not understand some of the words being used.  Though it is good craic. (pronounced ‘crack’ for everyone at home – it means fun, good times, good conversation)

3.       The Irish really know how to make you feel at home – we’ve joined strangers for pints at their tables and been invited to a celebrity party (and a funeral, which was a bit odd). People who would scowl at me at home—or just ask for change—strike up friendly conversations.

4.       It seems that everyone we talk to is familiar with and the Ultimate Job. Some have even seen our application video. Still working on our celebrity status here though.

5.       We are staying at the Dylan, one of the hottest boutique hotels in Dublin. Everyone here looks famous. We’re considering taking photos of  random people holding our ‘Runaway Bride and Groom Rocks’ sign and posting it to our blog just in case they are, in fact, famous. Whitney Houston and Colin Farrell just checked out a few days ago, so you never know…


1.       Mel is drinking Guinness now? Just a few weeks ago she spit it out while filming our application video! And yes, the Guinness is exactly as good as I remember.

2.       Everyone seems to know each other here. We’ve already run into friends of one of the other competitors. (Insert joke about small gene pool here)

3.       Let it be said: Dublin is a sophisticated city – it’s not just about having pints in a pub. There are swanky cocktail lounges, gourmet restaurants and stylish people. Though we did balance that with pints in a pub – we are still BREL, after all.

4.       I can’t believe how many shoes she brought. What was she thinking?! She’s got more pairs of shoes here than I have underwear. (And no, I am NOT planning on using any of our dangerous underpants manoeuvres)…see:

5.    Travelling in Ireland as a Canadian named Brendan is like coming home—for once I look like the locals (it’s hard to blend in while travelling in Japan or India), nobody asks me how to spell my name, and every rack has my size at Marks & Spencer. Brilliant!


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