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Komodo Dragons Are Scary


As we (way too slowly) made our way back to Bali, we had to oppotunity to spend a few days on Rincca and Komodo Islands – the only places in the world where the komodo dragon lives freely.

A direct descendant of the dinosaur, the komodo dragon grows to be 2-3 metres long and is the largest species of lizard. Their saliva is poisonous (who got to discover that?) and they are unbelievably fast – and of course they climb trees too. So if a komodo gets you in his sights, you’re pretty much screwed. The park rangers reassure us by telling us they haven’t lost  a tourist to a komodo since March. Thank you, so very reassuring.

 komodo-day-2-210.jpg komodo-day-1-309.jpg komodo-day-2-334.jpg

Armed with pointed sticks, we saw about 15 of the last remaining 3000 komodo dragons – from the distance of only a few feet. And though one of the dragons clearly had Mel in his sight (Mmm,  Canadian breakfast- she probably tastes like poutine!), we made it out safely.

One again, we have averted maiming and death.

Komodo National Park

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  1. Ian Says:

    Very cool pics and video. I’ve never made it to Komodo, or Indonesia overall, but when I finally get around to doing a RTW, it’s definitely on the list. Well done.

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