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Guest Blog #2: Jack (age 6)

I am six years old and Melanie and Brendan are my aunt and uncle. I think they would be the best Runaway Bride and Groom because they love to travel and tell stories about it. They take nice pictures and they have their own blog. I read it every day when they are gone away. I will do these things when they get the job, which I know is going to happen:

1. Jump up and down 100 times

2. Scream “I knew they would win, I knew they would win” over and over

3. Make a cool Lego creation of Melanie and Brendan in a plane

4. Send a picture of my Lego creation to the Lego Magazine so they publish it

5. Have a sleepover and hot tub party and roast marshmallows in the fire pit at Melanie and Brendan’s house

6. Miss school to help Melanie and Brendan pack their suitcases

7. Bring lots of balloons to the airport to say goodbye to Melanie and Brendan

8. Teach Michael, Zachary, Loren and Andrew about the countries Melanie and Brendan visit

9. Write about Melanie and Brendan’s adventures in my Montessori journal

10. Beg mom and dad to take me to visit Melanie and Brendan in Ireland!

Jack blogging


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