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Flores in Photos


Maumere Market.jpg jackfruit.jpg  market fish.jpg salak (tastes like apple+walnut)


more fish ginger and tumeric (yes, that’s what it looks like) flores-day-1-2-041.jpg flores-day-1-2-045.jpg flores-day-1-2-054.jpg


flores-day-1-2-069.jpg flores-day-1-2-072.jpg flores-day-1-2-073.jpg flores-day-1-2-094.jpg flores-day-1-2-079.jpg

market veggies

full bus top to bottom

threshing rice

flores-day-1-2-266.jpg flores-day-1-2-270.jpg flores-day-1-2-276.jpg flores-day-1-2-beetlenut-ladies.jpg

tropical mosque

Church on Christmas Day instant celebrities.jpg flores-day-5-bajawa-066.jpg ONLY 3 to a bike?.jpg flores-day-5-bajawa-082.jpg


water buffalo flores-day-5-bajawa-157.jpg kid with machete.jpg flores-day-5-bajawa-320.jpg flores-day-5-bajawa-414.jpg



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2 Responses to “Flores in Photos”

  1. Craig Says:

    Amazing photos!

  2. Kristel Says:

    Craig took the words right out of my mouth! Looks like an amazing trip! The komodos are cool, what a site to see! The scorpian?!?… not so much.

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