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Day in the Life of BREL at the Ultimate Job Finals

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We know a lot of you are out there watching BREL at the finals so we’ve decided to update this blog posting as Day 2 of the finals proceeds. Sort of like a Twitter feed for non-Twitter types. Check back for our restaurant review later this afternoon as well.

8:47 am – We are about to board a trolley to the town of Kinsale. The estate we are staying at is the same place where Michael Jackson hid from the media post the sex scandal a few years ago (though it isn’t creepy here at all). In fact, it’s gorgeous. Mel is especially excited about all the rabbits hopping about. Brendan, in true Brendan style, is excited about the black pudding [Mel – that’s essentially fried blood].

10:44 am – Frantically working on our video script. The people in Kinsale are super helpful and have given us tons of ideas. Of course, our Toronto research team has been hard at work too…thanks guys! They threw a new challenge at us – finding a secret location where a radio interviewer was waiting. A fun idea, but BREL stayed on task: video, video, video. Stay tuned.

11:50 am – off to the Trident Hotel for lunch on the harbour, followed by a boat cruise. Hungry, a little stressed, but all about the Ultimate Job.

1:06 pm – Focus, focus, focus. We’ve decided to skip the boat cruise and have opted to spend the afternoon filming video and seeing Kinsale. We had a fabulous lunch at the Trident – clearly a top wedding venue option here. Mel sampled almost of all the desserts (delish). Brendan focused on the seafood. Love that we get champers everywhere we go.

4:25 pm – Back from a whirlwind afternoon touring Kinsale. To truly understand the spirit of this village, we hired a local to take us around. We saw and learned so much from Ronnie – including the local expression: Are you married or do you live Kinsale? Tons of fun stories to go along with that one. We had a minor incident where our car rolled into a BMW – with Mel still in it. Apparently parking brakes can be a little tricky here… Don’t worry Mom, I’m ok. Now on to editing our video…

6:20 pm – The video is in full swing, and hopefully you’ve had a chance to read our resto review (Fishy Fishy). We’re off to an evening of activities with our new-found friends: dinner, drinks in the VIP area of a local club, cocktail classes (where we’ll all be sampling the Brell-tini), then back around midnight to finish off our masterpiece. Stay tuned for more updates!

11:59 pm – Back from a great evening out. Dinner at Hamlet’s, cocktail school and another photo shoot. While there is a VIP area waiting for us at a club, we’ve actually taken the first bus back to the estate (very un-BREL, I know). Now the real editing begins. Our interview has been moved to 10 am tomorrow, and we are being treated at a spa at 11 am, so really, the next few hours are CRITICAL!!!! Wish us luck!

1:47 am – Still working. Feeling good about the video, though likely pulling an all-nighter tonight. Wondering how the dancers on So You Think You Can Dance do this for weeks on end. And they are actually dancing, not just writing and videoing.

3:04 am – Still going. Making progress. Feeling calm and confident.

4:46 am – We have a complete draft of the challenge video! Stay tuned – it’ll be posted tomorrow afternoon…We should be able to catch a few hours sleep before our interview…

5:13 am – The sun is about to rise and the birds are chirping (seriously, they are). Our videos are complete!!!! We can’t wait for the judges to see them…and of course to share them with all of you. Thanks for sharing this Day in the Life of BREL at the Ultimate Finals…


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