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Final Thoughts…Uruguay

Friday, April 11th, 2008

We spent a quick four days exploring some of the highlights of Uruguay. While not enough time to do it justice, we were able to get a flavour.

By the Numbers
• # of bottles consumed of medio y medio (a fantastic concoction of ½ champagne and ½ white wine) : 4
• # of times Montevideo mispronounced: 18 (correct pronunciation: not video like a movie, but with stress on the final soft e)
• # of cockroaches spotted near Mel’s bag: 1
• # of times Brendan enjoyed Froots’ label of the Full Montevideo : 6

Moments We’d Rather Forget
• The random (RF 7) chocolate therapy service at the thermal baths in Salto. Complete with an alternating soundtrack of Spanish news and too-loud Celine Dion, the treatment involved being painted in chocolate by a large woman and wrapped in Saran wrap.

• Walking through the cobblestone streets of beautiful Colonia – a quaint UNESCO World Heritage town
• Exploring the Old Town in Montevideo
• Chilling in 39 degree thermal baths in Salto
• The end of overnight bus travel, at least for a little while

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