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Interview – Denpasar

While in Bali I found this great little tourist publication which had information about all of the local events around Ubud. In it there was this great little section that contained interviews with every day Balinese people. I found it fascinating – and I’m utilizing the idea during my own travels. This first interview of a Sate Vendor in Denpasar was the one that was published in the tourist brochure. However – in the future – I will be adding more of my own interviews with people that I meet in my travels…the everyday, normal people. Enjoy!

Name: Dewa Made Oka
Lives In: Denpasar
Sells: Pork sate in front of Pura Dalem Peliatan

Q: How long have you been selling sate?
A: I have been selling sate 17 years, the first 10 years on the beach in Kuta and the last 7 years in Peliatan.
Q: Who taught you how to make sate?
A: Muy older brother taught me how to make sate. He still makes sate inTabanan.
Q: How many sticks of sate do you make on one day?
A: Around 3000 a day
Q: Do you prepare the sate yourself or do you buy it?
A: I buy the pork on the market in Denpasar but I make the sauce in which the meat is marinated myself.
Q: What kind of wood do you use to roast the sate?
A: I only use charcoal made from the husks of coconut.
Q: Do you work every day?
A: Yes I do. I don’t take days off and work from 2 till 9
Q: Your sate is easily the most delicious in Ubud. How do you make your sauce or is that a secret?
A: No, it is no secret. I use white ginger, garlic, salt, red sugar, chili, yellow ginger, strong chilis and coconut oil to make the sauce. The ingrediants need to be mixed together well.

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