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Where in the World is Ludwig?

Finally, another Ludwig quiz!

#1 – What city is Ludwig in?

#2 – What is the animal he’s suckling from?

#3 – Who are the twins suckling next to him?

Bonus Point – One of the twins founded the answer to #1. Which one?

Uncle Stephen doesn’t get to guess this one!sscn3785.JPG


3 responses to “Where in the World is Ludwig?”

  1. Uncle Stephen says:

    Hello, I’m removing myself from this quiz because I saw this statue in person while we were in [question #1 answer]. But I have a bonus bonus question: What city, according to legend, was founded by the other twin?

  2. Grandpa Mike says:

    Hi Hamsa, The animal is a she-wolf and the two others suckling are Romulus and Remus the legendary founders of Rome. I loved the pictures of the waterfalls. Love, Grandpa

  3. Lauraloo says:

    I learned that Remus’ son, Senius, is the legendary founder of Siena. That’s why you see images of the she-wolf all over the city. But is there a different city that Remus himself founded?

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