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Short stay in Paris

Hi everybody!

We’re in Paris at the moment. We’ve been here for 5 or 6 days, I think, but it feels like 2 days to me because I’ve been sick. Can you believe that? I’m in Paris France, and I was stuck in bed with a fever and all the other assorted symptoms. Very frustrating!

But I’m 90% better now. And tomorrow night is the annual Nuit Blanche (white night) when there are all sorts of cultural and artistic gigs going on and the museums are free and open all night long! yay! So I can make up for lost time all in one night!

And then we are bugging out of this city the next day, because man, this place is pricy! Yikes! (Please send all donations to me asap) We have only 2 weeks left on our grand adventure, and we’ve been going around and around about where to spend that precious time. Looks like we’ll return to Scotland. Hamsa really wants to go back there, and I’m cool with just about anywhere, so why not? I’ll try to go hiking in Orkney, which I really wanted to do when we¬† were there before. It’s the very Viking area on the northern tip of Scotland. To be honest, I could just stay in Scotland forever. It feels like home.

It’s nice to be online again. We are staying at the world’s worst hostel, and the internet there is laughable. But we finally found an internet cafe (they’re much rarer these days) and the computers are great with fast connection, but its like 8 bucks an hour, so I must be brief!

Lots of love, Lala


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  1. Zrinka says:

    Im glad youre having fun, please say hello to hamsa from me, and since I lost your contact addresses and everything, could you please send me an e-mail. Miss you a lot!!

    Love Zrinka

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