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scotland rules

hello everyone…. to make up for not posting a post for a while he is kirby to apologize        (>’.’)> – sorry

scotland is soooooooo fun everyone is nice the whole country is beautiful and we are having a blast. i am just wanting to let all my friends and family know that i miss them. i cant wait to see you all in 4 weeks and i will miss the friends i have made while traveling


3 responses to “scotland rules”

  1. Zrinka says:

    Im glad youre having fun, I miss you both too!

  2. Zrinka says:

    btw are you stil going to Greece? If you are, will you by any chance stop in Zagreb?

  3. Uncle Stephen says:

    I’m glad you guys are liking Scotland. I’m sorry the GPS didn’t get there sooner. Have a safe trip back.

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