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Crazy Laura and Crazier Hamsa are getting ready to explore the world, namely Europe and Asia. If you would like to keep up with where we are, what we're up to, well, then this is the place to be! Stop on by anytime you're starting to miss us, and we promise to keep in touch! We Love You!!!

my mother is sick

July 20th, 2010

please everyone send good energy pray and hope she gets better soon she feels realy crappy so send her all the love you can…

send her lots of love


we were on croatian tv

July 20th, 2010

hello! well my mom and I were by the ocean relaxing. my mom was lying down listening to the sea organ and i was doing flips into the ocean… then all of a sudden a woman asks me to do a flip for her. she had a cameraman right next to her so i was like ok and he got me doing several flips – 1 failed back flop and then they left… 3 minutes later i got my mom to join me out there and i tried to get her to do a flip…. then i taught her how to do 1 and on her first try she did a flip into the ocean and the camera guy and woman were back and they got it on film! then when my mom got out of the ocean after her awesome flip they interviewed her and they left… later that day, i wasnt there, my mom was walking back to our room and a bunch of people were looking and pointing and even taking pictures of my mom…she thought she had something on her face lol and then when she got back to the room the lady who was renting us a room was all excited and pointing at my mom and saying things, and them my mom was sure she had something weird on her face, but then finally the woman remembered enough English to say “big star! big TV star!” and then my mom was like, “ohhhhh” ….when i got back to the room she told me we were on tv…it was a long interview with both flips by me and my mother … tada

we were on tv. ha!

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new report (by Hamsa)

July 17th, 2010

hello! i figured i would write a post saying where we would be going next. we are heading to the beachish part of croatia, i think, and then we are going to greece.  from there we’ve got 2 weeks through a month to kill. then we take a flight to northern europe to hang out with greg for 2 weeks or so, could be more or less… then we will have some time left, probably another month or less in scotland, ireland or iceland, maybe scandanavia. it depends on our mood and how much dough we have left… then its back to the U S of A! catch you all later

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Sweating Buckets in Zegrab

July 16th, 2010


This is my last and will testament, as I will probably be reduced to a steaming pile of mushy human liquid muck within minutes.

I, Laura Mattox, definitely not of sound mind and body, hereby declare: Hamsa gets it all. If someone could pay his way thru college, Id appreciate it. Signed, sweaty me.

What was I thinking? Traveling in the summer? I hate heat! I love A/C! And the only way you get A/C over here is at a 4 or 5 star. Man, I wish I were loaded. So, here I sit, at this computer with juxtaposed z and y keys, sweating 7 gallons of sweat per minute. Its actually a term here – GSPM. Every one in this hostel is just lying around, inert, miserable, drenched in their own salty, sticky fluids. Most of them are at around 4 or 5 GSPM. Hamsa is holding steady at 3, lucky bastard. But me, oh no, I gotta hold the hostel record of 7!

Hamsa likes this city, and Im sure I would too if it werent 189 degrees and 400% humidity. I declared we are leaving this living hell tomorrow and escaping to the beach. I will dunk myself in the ocean, and never re-emerge.

Okay, that’s all for now. I just wanted to share my current bliss with you. Besides, the keyboard is starting to short out from all the sweat I’m dripping on it.

And don’t one of you dare complain to me about the heat in Atlanta! I will kill you…

Love ya!

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Leaving Florence

July 15th, 2010

Hi everybody!Here I sit in the “computer hallway” in our hostel, Ostello Archi Rossi (you can friend them on facebook!) Its a pretty cool hostel, actually. Its painted all over the walls by local art students, they feed you, and have free guided tours, and a very friendly staff. I give it 2 thumbs up.Today is our last day in Florence. We really love this city, and although Im sad to leave it, I am excited for the next chapter in our little adventure!We roamed the city today, saying “goodbye” to all of our fave places. I went to Vivoli (best gelato in Florence) one last time, we strolled along the Arno, circumambulated (dont you love that word?) the Duomo, ate lunch at Za Za (awesome gnocchi) walked thru our fave piazzas (Signoria, Santa Croce, Repubblica, etc) and generally enjoyed ambling around.We also looked for Croatian/English phrase books, but no luck there. Oh, boy. Yep, in about an hour we catch a train to Zagreb. Im not sure why I picked Zagreb, so dont ask! We have an hour layover in Venice, just long enough to step outside the station and take a big whiff of the river. I hear its extra ripe in the summer!I am so freaking hot! They dont use much A/C over here, so Ive become a big blonde sweat monster.  I try to mix in some sightseeing but pretty much all I do is sweat. I carry around a bandana all the time (my “sweatdana”) for mopping up my face. I look around and I see that some other people seem hot, just some of them, mind you, but none of them, save a few old chubby bald guys, none of them are producing sweat like I am! What is up with that?Anyway, on to more pleasant topics. We are going to spend a lot of our time, I hope, on the water. Croatioa is said to have truly outstanding beaches and gorgeous clear waters. So, I cant wait to explore the sea there, and rinse off some of this sweat residue! Im hoping there will be lots of men without shirts on. There havent been many of those around here…Oh, time to hop over to the train station! I shall blog again from exciting, exotic Zagreb!

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July 14th, 2010

me mum and i….hopped on 2 segways which are the 2 wheeled things you stand up on. They are awesome!… like the coolest thing ever………..ever…… first it sorta sucked cause the 1 my mom had could go 20 miles per hour and mine went 6….  then i thought of  switching mine out for another 1. yay….but the place said my moms was off the turtle mode that made it go slow…so now we had two 6 mph segways. booooooo…. then i figured out how to take off the turtle mode! and then we cruised at 20 mph! it was the bomb! if any of you ever have the chance to ride a segway DO IT….ITS SO FUN AND EASY…..we rode on our segways for a while around florence and we really enjoyed  it. At the end of our segwaying we explored florence again and it is still just as  cool.  love you all and miss you all. tomorrow we head for croatia. its somewhere near greece? thats all i got on the place. we are going in blind but o well its gonna be fun.


where in the world are my comments….by hamsa

July 13th, 2010

i miss everyone and i dont have a phone to call them…. i can only make a few calls a month cause its REALY expensive to call the usa  from europe…..please post comments it makes me happy just find any posts with no comments and post comments on it pleeeeeeeeeeeease i miss you all and its hard to stay in touch when we are like 3 gazillion miles away so please post more comments it makes me very happy.

p.s. UNCLE STEPHEN is the number 1 commenter MAJOR GRATS TO YOU


hello from florence

July 11th, 2010

hello… we are in florence woohoo we are here for 3 more days or so than its off to i have no idea but itle be fun i miss you

we are not going to switcherland….pooo hmph *frown*… i love switcherland but we will come back in a year or so and do some sledding in the winter yay… miss you all


hello everyone CHESS ROCKS

July 11th, 2010

i love chess alot and when i get back to the US of A, i will start a chess tournement  i invite everyone i know to it…  no date is set yet i just know i will do it when i get back. you dont have to know how to play i will teach you if you dont and if you do, great. you will be asigned someone of your skill to play against and whoever wins moves on and whoever loses moves on  to but not as far up DUN DUN DUUUUUN….. everyone wanting to sign up, do it in the comments by saying *i challenge thee o ?????? hamsa*  put in your word of choice in the ????                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      i will let you all know when this tournement will be and it will be a great tournement  for people who are good and bad at chess so just come to have fun.i dont know if i will be in the tournement yet but if i am whoever i play will have a great advantage…. anyway GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL in 3 threw 4 months when the tournement is on                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            p.s. this key board SUCKS SO BAD so  forgive all  my mispells…i cant evan make more then 1 paragraph without using spaces                                                                                                                                                                                                                    p.p.s.also JOSHUA google hexcelle make sure to goole hexcelle click the link that leads to    play the game i cant beat it. but maybe you can its hard but it rocks and if you have started playing it let me know


hello …by hamsa

July 9th, 2010