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Ludwig the traveling hedgehog (by Hamsa)

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

Ludwig (pronounced lood-vig) is a hedgehog. He likes orange Fanta, pizza, and getting his picture taken. He loves to fly on airplanes even though he hides in the bag when he does. He hates with all his heart Scrabble because he cant spell – thats why I am doing this for him. This game was his idea, so be sure to play as to not make him cry.

This is the game and adventure of LUDWIG: we will send a picture of Ludwig and have 3 questions for that picture.

1 question will be: what country is he in… 1 question will be: where is he in that country… and 1 will be a bonus question. Just post your best guesses in a comment. (No fair cheating off other people´s answers!)


You MAY need to research to find out some of the answers – some of them you may know, others you will not… do not assume you know where the picture was taken because we will be sending them out of order as we go along. Yes, we are sneaky people 😉

Questions 1 and 2 are worth 1 point, the bonus question is worth 2.

Ok – last but not least are the prizes… whoever gets first place will get the best gift from Europe, second place gets a prize almost as good as first,  third place gets a prize almost as good as second, all other places get an equally good gift! So… ENJOY THE LUDWIG GAME!!!

(ALL Ludwig quizzes and comments are by Hamsa)

a picture of Ludwig in all his glory