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Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

We have arrived in spain at like 10 pm, we are out of the airport with our bags and we catch a bus to Plaza Catalunya where our bus (the S1) is to our hostel but guess what… we can´t find it anywhere!!! Everyone we ask does not know where it is and we ask a information desk but he just points and says go that way……. we try to find where he pointed but NOTHING DUN DUN DUUUUUUN… we then see a train station [subway station] we go down into it and ask someone at the information desk but guess what she knows like 2 words of english but she points us in another direction…. we go where she pointed and NOTHING, we go back up out of the station and then go back to information again, he then points us in a different direction and we find a station (yay!) but hey as we go down i notice out of the corner of my eye another station that says S1/S2 which was the train we needed… we thought it was a bus but it was indeed a train so we get on it and go to the exit we needed but guess what…… we can´t find the sign that leads us to the hostel and we almost go the wrong way but then finally we see it and walk 10 minutes up a steep hill while jet-lagged with like 2 hours of sleep because the plane was hell [will explain later] and we have to lug like 70 pounds between us and we trudge up the hill as slow as slugs, but we finally make it to the hostel, we get ready for bed and then we go to sleep =]

this is mondays post a day late because we were to tired to write this -HAMSA WROTE THIS and when i write a post a hamsa will be at the end [so original]