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An Appeal for Help (by Laura)

Saturday, June 5th, 2010

Hi, everybody!

Hamsa (aka Gulliver Hamsa Nye) and I are still in Finisterre! I would have liked to have returned to the Camino by now, but Hamsa is feeling kinda sickly. Nothing major, just the creeping crud. But its hard to slog a pack around the countryside when you feel like crap, no matter how much of your stuff your mom is carrying for you. Not that I´m complaining…  much.

Our friend Cristobal left today with the dogs to head up toward Muxia. There are some fine beaches along the way, so he plans to sleep on one of them tonight. I wish him all the best!

So, I need some help from any and all of you who live in the USA: please contact Michael and/or Sarah Beth for us! They aren´t answering any of our emails! ACK! We need Mike to bring a few things for us with him when he flies over here. I´ve sent him a detailed list via email, and Sarah Beth too, several times, but… no reply at all. There´s no reply at all. For heaven´s sake, dont make me break into my best Phil Collins impersonation. Or my worst.  Actually, they´re indistinguishable. So, yeah. Help.

I don´t know that I should post their digits on a website, so if you have their phone numbers, for the love of all that´s right in the world (and the poor Spaniards around me who really don´t want to hear me singing Genesis´ lyrics) please call them and harass them until they read my emails and email me back!

I´m heading back to our alburgue now. It´s so awesome there. I love the Swiss lady, Maria Louisa, who owns the place. She is delightful. I have some yummy local cheese and bread waiting for me there. I gotta tell ya, prices in Galicia are the bomb! I have been pigging out for pennies, and I can even afford to feed my bottomless pit of a teenager. He especially appreciates the Toblerone bars for 50 cents each. I like the giant ring of whole grain bread for €1.  And I like how when you ask for o.j. you always get fresh-squeezed! But I don´t like how every time, every freaking time, I order a salad it comes with tuna on top!  I say “sin atoon” but it doesn´t matter. If you´re in Spain, you´re getting tuna on your dang salad whether you like it or not!

So now I just order hot chocolate instead.  In a cup, not on a salad.

Call Mike now. Or I will send you a beautiful, fresh green salad covered in yucky tuna. You´ve been warned.

Love you!

1 hour of pain = 5 minutes of happiness (by Hamsa)

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

so we are walking on the camino and its like 4 days ago i just waited ´til now to tell the story ´cause i was tired… we were walking on the camino and were near the top of a mountain and i wanted to climb up it and take some pictures of ludwig for a ludwig quiz… anyway, as i am walking up there are these 1 foot bushes that are like a pine tree bush and they poke me like crazy and not only that they have some sort of poison on them that itches like crap. i get to the top after 30 minutes of climbing through these trees of HELL and its one of the most beautiful things i have ever seen! there is a picture down below. i saw some wild horses there as well. i did a huge circle of climbing up to avoid the tiny forest but on my way down i decide to go through the forest because its quicker. worse decision of my life… these 1 foot prickly bushes are now 2 feet tall and when i get to the forest after 29 mintues of 2 foot hell bushes i get to 5-10 feet tall ones and now my legs are itching all over and i am having an allergic reaction to the needles that cut right through my pants. i finally make it back to my mom and i take a benadryl and she wipes my legs with anti-itch wipes because i have 300 cuts on my legs (not exaggerating, really 300!) and they are all swelling. and now this computer won´t let me put the pic on so – ugh and $%!·$&%!”&%!·$%!·$%!·&%!·$%%/%/&%$·!”$$….. i´ll put it on as soon as i can

it was going to be a ludwig quiz but now its something to admire when i put it up

WHERE IN THE WORLD IS LUDWIG…. read [Ludwig the traveling hedgehog] before this (by Hamsa)

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010
QUIZ 2 1... what country is Ludwig in? 2... what city is Ludwig in? bonus question... what animal is the statue behind Ludwig? sscn0096.JPG

WHERE IN THE WORLD IS LUDWIG? read [Ludwig the traveling hedgehog] before this (by Hamsa)

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010
The farther we go into the quiz the harder it gets.. we are starting out easy. the ludwig quiz is called WHERE IN THE WORLD IS LUDWIG.... QUIZ #1 question 1...what country is Ludwig in? question 2... what city is Ludwig in? bonus ... [Continue reading this entry]

COMMENTS (by Hamsa)

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010
Whenever I get on the blog I hope there are comments on the site. Please comment on the site - you just click the ¨no comments¨ or ¨[number of] comments¨ that is right below each post. Write in the box ... [Continue reading this entry]

Ludwig the traveling hedgehog (by Hamsa)

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010
Ludwig (pronounced lood-vig) is a hedgehog. He likes orange Fanta, pizza, and getting his picture taken. He loves to fly on airplanes even though he hides in the bag when he does. He hates with all his heart Scrabble because ... [Continue reading this entry]