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new report (by Hamsa)

Saturday, July 17th, 2010

hello! i figured i would write a post saying where we would be going next. we are heading to the beachish part of croatia, i think, and then we are going to greece.  from there we’ve got 2 weeks through a month to kill. then we take a flight to northern europe to hang out with greg for 2 weeks or so, could be more or less… then we will have some time left, probably another month or less in scotland, ireland or iceland, maybe scandanavia. it depends on our mood and how much dough we have left… then its back to the U S of A! catch you all later

Leaving Florence

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

Hi everybody!Here I sit in the “computer hallway” in our hostel, Ostello Archi Rossi (you can friend them on facebook!) Its a pretty cool hostel, actually. Its painted all over the walls by local art students, they feed you, and have free guided tours, and a very friendly staff. I give it 2 thumbs up.Today is our last day in Florence. We really love this city, and although Im sad to leave it, I am excited for the next chapter in our little adventure!We roamed the city today, saying “goodbye” to all of our fave places. I went to Vivoli (best gelato in Florence) one last time, we strolled along the Arno, circumambulated (dont you love that word?) the Duomo, ate lunch at Za Za (awesome gnocchi) walked thru our fave piazzas (Signoria, Santa Croce, Repubblica, etc) and generally enjoyed ambling around.We also looked for Croatian/English phrase books, but no luck there. Oh, boy. Yep, in about an hour we catch a train to Zagreb. Im not sure why I picked Zagreb, so dont ask! We have an hour layover in Venice, just long enough to step outside the station and take a big whiff of the river. I hear its extra ripe in the summer!I am so freaking hot! They dont use much A/C over here, so Ive become a big blonde sweat monster.  I try to mix in some sightseeing but pretty much all I do is sweat. I carry around a bandana all the time (my “sweatdana”) for mopping up my face. I look around and I see that some other people seem hot, just some of them, mind you, but none of them, save a few old chubby bald guys, none of them are producing sweat like I am! What is up with that?Anyway, on to more pleasant topics. We are going to spend a lot of our time, I hope, on the water. Croatioa is said to have truly outstanding beaches and gorgeous clear waters. So, I cant wait to explore the sea there, and rinse off some of this sweat residue! Im hoping there will be lots of men without shirts on. There havent been many of those around here…Oh, time to hop over to the train station! I shall blog again from exciting, exotic Zagreb!

Dispatch from the Road

Monday, June 14th, 2010
Hi everybody! Well, I just wrote a brilliant, funny post, and this darn computer ate it! GRRRR! I want my MacBook! So, feeling a bit disgruntled, here is a shorter, less brilliant, and less funny post: Ahem Well, its been a whirlwind few days. ... [Continue reading this entry]

WHERE IN THE WORLD IS LUDWIG…. read [Ludwig the traveling hedgehog] before this (by Hamsa)

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010
QUIZ 2 1... what country is Ludwig in? 2... what city is Ludwig in? bonus question... what animal is the statue behind Ludwig? sscn0096.JPG

WHERE IN THE WORLD IS LUDWIG? read [Ludwig the traveling hedgehog] before this (by Hamsa)

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010
The farther we go into the quiz the harder it gets.. we are starting out easy. the ludwig quiz is called WHERE IN THE WORLD IS LUDWIG.... QUIZ #1 question 1...what country is Ludwig in? question 2... what city is Ludwig in? bonus ... [Continue reading this entry]

COMMENTS (by Hamsa)

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010
Whenever I get on the blog I hope there are comments on the site. Please comment on the site - you just click the ¨no comments¨ or ¨[number of] comments¨ that is right below each post. Write in the box ... [Continue reading this entry]

Ludwig the traveling hedgehog (by Hamsa)

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010
Ludwig (pronounced lood-vig) is a hedgehog. He likes orange Fanta, pizza, and getting his picture taken. He loves to fly on airplanes even though he hides in the bag when he does. He hates with all his heart Scrabble because ... [Continue reading this entry]

we are here

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010
We have arrived in spain at like 10 pm, we are out of the airport with our bags and we catch a bus to Plaza Catalunya where our bus (the S1) is to our hostel but guess what... we can´t ... [Continue reading this entry]