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Turn the next page (by Laura)

Friday, June 11th, 2010

Hi all!

Hamsa and I are in Madrid right now. We just arrived from Santiago a few hours ago, and we leave early in the morning for Bologna. So we are in limbo at the moment. Weŕe just strolling around the city, hanging out, looking at old stuff, eating chocolate.

It’s a little weird to be in a big city again. I already miss Galicia (and not just the tetillas!) Last night I couldn’t sleep. Partially because, I think, I realized the Camino was really over for me (physically anyway) once I left Santiago.  I am coming back to walk the entire Camino Frances, I just want you all to know that. So, anyway, I couldn’t sleep. Hamsa was safe and snug in his bed, snoring away. The people in the next building kept yelling for him to roll over, but he was oblivious. So, I decided to stroll around the city by myself, and say goodbye.

I saw other pilgrims with the same idea, and we were all converging in front of the Cathedral. We seemed to have some sort of understanding about the sanctity of the scene there. This is what I sawSantiago de Compostela Cathedral at Night

The seagulls were flying overhead, dipping and diving just for the pleasure of it. (I guess some of them had read Jonathan Livingston Seagull) And the rain was gently falling, and the wind was blowing, and there was a bloke playing music on his guitar and singing in the most lovely tenor voice under the arches where the acoustics just lifted his songs into the air around us.  You know how sometimes in your life you have one of those magical moments that you just want to hold on to and remember forever? Yeah, it was like that. And all around me were weary, grateful pilgrims feeling the same way. Man, life can be so freakin’ cool, you know?

So, remember the awesome Spanish men Hamsa and I met on the Camino? Here’s a picture of them, when we were taking a break one day. You can see the four dogs, too. They are giving Cristobal all of their attention, prob because he was eating some sort of meat. You know how dogs are –  always hungry.Time for a break!

The alpha, Roch, looks especially dapper in his hat!Roch ready for the game!

Oh, speaking of travel buddies, have I mentioned who has been with me every single step of the way? Hint #1 – He’s quite handsome! #2 – He says ¨Make it so¨ in a voice that just melts me. #3 – He made bald sexy. Got it yet? That’s right! It’s my true love:

My Faithful Companion

He’s such a gentleman. Holds my hand when we hike. A great listener. And he never snores. What do you think – should I go ahead and legally change my name to Mrs. Captain Picard?

Well, I have so many more dispatches from the road I want to post, so many things I want to share with you all. I will try to log on more often to keep you  posted. I think I will have more internet access in the next few weeks. Rural Spain had limited opportunities, but I imagine urban Italy will prove different? If so, you will hear lots of stories about gelato, pasta, and sexy Italian men! Oh, and shoes!

Until then, we love you and we miss you!

Buen Camino!

An Appeal for Help (by Laura)

Saturday, June 5th, 2010

Hi, everybody!

Hamsa (aka Gulliver Hamsa Nye) and I are still in Finisterre! I would have liked to have returned to the Camino by now, but Hamsa is feeling kinda sickly. Nothing major, just the creeping crud. But its hard to slog a pack around the countryside when you feel like crap, no matter how much of your stuff your mom is carrying for you. Not that I´m complaining…  much.

Our friend Cristobal left today with the dogs to head up toward Muxia. There are some fine beaches along the way, so he plans to sleep on one of them tonight. I wish him all the best!

So, I need some help from any and all of you who live in the USA: please contact Michael and/or Sarah Beth for us! They aren´t answering any of our emails! ACK! We need Mike to bring a few things for us with him when he flies over here. I´ve sent him a detailed list via email, and Sarah Beth too, several times, but… no reply at all. There´s no reply at all. For heaven´s sake, dont make me break into my best Phil Collins impersonation. Or my worst.  Actually, they´re indistinguishable. So, yeah. Help.

I don´t know that I should post their digits on a website, so if you have their phone numbers, for the love of all that´s right in the world (and the poor Spaniards around me who really don´t want to hear me singing Genesis´ lyrics) please call them and harass them until they read my emails and email me back!

I´m heading back to our alburgue now. It´s so awesome there. I love the Swiss lady, Maria Louisa, who owns the place. She is delightful. I have some yummy local cheese and bread waiting for me there. I gotta tell ya, prices in Galicia are the bomb! I have been pigging out for pennies, and I can even afford to feed my bottomless pit of a teenager. He especially appreciates the Toblerone bars for 50 cents each. I like the giant ring of whole grain bread for €1.  And I like how when you ask for o.j. you always get fresh-squeezed! But I don´t like how every time, every freaking time, I order a salad it comes with tuna on top!  I say “sin atoon” but it doesn´t matter. If you´re in Spain, you´re getting tuna on your dang salad whether you like it or not!

So now I just order hot chocolate instead.  In a cup, not on a salad.

Call Mike now. Or I will send you a beautiful, fresh green salad covered in yucky tuna. You´ve been warned.

Love you!

1 hour of pain = 5 minutes of happiness (by Hamsa)

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010
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Hello from the end of the world!

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010
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Hello Again (by Laura)

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010
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