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A Few Pictures!

Hello, my friends and family and fellow vagabonders

Here are some pics from our last few days…

This is on the bridge at the South end of Krka National Park. Note the pretty waterfall in the background!Skradinski Buk Bridge

Another pretty waterfall in KrkaWaterfall

Hamsa gazing from the boat…Hamsa almost overboard

View from the boat in KrkaKrka Park

And anothersscn5808.JPG

Looking down from the Park, note the ferry in the backgroundRiver from Skradin to Skradinski Buk

This is the street we’re staying on, just two doors on the right past the wagon. Now here’s today’s quiz question: Hamsa is showing off his knowledge of American Sign Language, what is he signing to his mama in this photo? Street behind Zura sobe

Okay, thats all for now. I’ll try to post photos more often. But don’t worry, I’ll make a nice big slideshow of all my trip pictures for everyone! Remember the days of the dreaded slide show? Some fella with all of his slides carefully arranged in the carousel, and everyone sitting around, saying, ooo and ahhhh in all the right places. And then when the carousel reached back around to the beginning and you say, “Those were great, Doug!” but you’re thinking, “Thank God that’s over.” And then, dammit, he reaches behind and grabs another carousel. Your hell isn’t over, no, its just beginning…

I’ll try not to do that to all of y’all.

It’s getting hot over here again, so I am once again feeling your pain. But at least I get to jump into the ocean to cool off! Today we catch the bus to Split, a pretty coastal town. It’ll be nice to be on the sea again. So, if you start to roast in that American heat, just pretend you’re here with us, splashing about in the waves, and maybe you’ll feel a little better!

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  1. Uncle Stephen says:

    The pictures linked to the ones in your text are the exact same size. It’s a bit of a letdown.

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