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And here we go… no, really. We’re going this time.

Saturday, April 3rd, 2010

Yeah, okay. I know. I already said this. A few times.

But this time it’s true! I even bought tickets!

Hamsa is still getting his stamina back, but his surgeon cleared him to go. And, hey, if you were getting your strength back, wouldn’t you rather do it with a pack on your back, wandering about the world? Sure beats Physical Therapy, no matter how cute your therapist is.

And me? Well, my back hurts no matter what I’m doing. And those hot flashes suck just as much here in Atlanta as they will in Barcelona or Rome. Wouldn’t you rather sweat buckets over there? Sitting on the beach of a Greek isle, soft breeze, iced drink in hand, watching the sunset. And while having my clothes plastered to my skin with salty menopausal sweat might keep the sexy Greek men at bay, I can still enjoy the view.

(Do you think Greek men run around shirtless as much as the guys in New Moon?)

So, May 16th we fly off on the red-eye to London. We’ll play for the day there (Big Ben, London Eye, tourist cruise down the Thames, etc) then head off in the evening to Barcelona. After a few days there, we’ll take a bus (?) to some point on the Camino. And then we walk. And walk. Hopefully we’ll make it all the way to Finisterre, the original endpoint. Yeah, or maybe I’ll log back on in 2 months and just delete that last sentence.

I think I’ll get to know my feet real well in the coming months. Maybe I should name them? “Left” and “Right” just don’t do justice to all the laborious torture they’ll be forced to endure while crammed into hot, stinky boots. (Send good suggestions my way)

Well, I’m off to pack all my belongings and cram ’em into storage. (Packing – YAY) Check back for updates on our progress, travels, travails, and possible names for my feet.

Don’t hesitate to send us notes of love and encouragement! They’ll keep us going during our moments of homesickness.

We love you!