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this is hamsa =] i am very sorry for not contacting anyone on the trip. since we have come back my mother has had a few health issues we have had to deal with and i have not had the time or energy to contact my wonderful friends from the trip. my mother is doing much better now and i am trying to email everyone….except we lost the contact information!!! it would mostly be luck if anyone from the trip looks at the blog so its mostly luck if one of you sees this. once again i am very sorry for not emailing you, this has just bean a very very rough year for us. please post your email information if you are someone i met on the trip and i will happily get in touch with you =]

email me at

p.s. once again very very very very sorry i never emailed anyone…….

p.p.s. once i find that contact info or someone luckily posts in the comments i will email you =]


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