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I’m just trying to get some more songs on the album

Ok – I have an actual update, but I’m just going to put these up while I’m thinking about it;

7 Christmas movies that need R-rated remakes

There are a whole bunch more top 10/ bottom 10 lists out, including cinematicals 25 hottest, 25 lamest, EW’s top 20 films (yay Zodiac and Jesse James!), the 10 worst, the best and worst tv (what?! No Office? No Lost? Clearly not a very good list), best and worst albums, 10 best songs (it includes Justin Timberlake, so grain of salt), a second opinion of the best in tv (yay CSI!), 10 best books,  and the NY Times critics; A O Scott, Manohla Dargis, and Stephen Holden. I’m glad Zodiac and the Wind that Shakes the Barley got some shout-outs, but no one for Jesse James? really?

Also – and this is something I was thinking about for a while – have you ever identified an actor (particularly tv actors) with a particular role so strongly that when they guest on another show, you find it jarring? Like, hey! What’s Mac doing on the island? Or why is Stephen Colbert forging things?

the Strange Wilderness trailer (I think this makes me laugh a lot because I actually watch nature programs)

the Mama Mia teaser (I was wondering who the cute groom was, until I realized it was Dominic Cooper from the History Boys. Yay!)

the 21 trailer (I love Kevin Spacey)

the Beatles. Which from what I hear tell is the best part of Walk Hard. Justin Long as George Harrison cracks me up.

musica; starlight – muse. on repeat.


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