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I like laughing, cause it makes me happy

I still cannot get through to the payroll department, which is really annoying. I have to get through by tomorrow morning if I want to hand in this tax refund request. Sheesh.

I finished up the fall in 47th place for the fall box office game. Not bad. Maybe I can shoot for the top 25 in the spring?

Really, at some point today I might finish those last couple of blog posts. Or I might go sit in a cafe and read some more Cadfael. One of the two.

The trailer for Leatherheads. Yay John Krasinski!

The full, two-minute trailer for season 4 of Lost. YAAAAAAY! God… so, so amazing. I’m still reeling from the season 3 finale.
What, girl? Timmy’s in the well?

JK Rowling has a new interview coming up and this post has some potter puppet pals (although I personally prefer the original).

The Alliance of Women Film Journalists made thier movie picks.  (Black Sheep gets a special mention, and they were clearly impressed by Viggo Mortensen.)

What’s your favourite movie year?

You should watch this. It has Paul Rudd, Justin Long, Craig Robinson (The Office) and Jonah Hill. They’re funny.


One Response to “I like laughing, cause it makes me happy”

  1. admin says:

    I’m going to vote for 1999 as my favourite year. Almost half of my top 10 films come from that year (Go, Lola Rennt, Princess Mononoke among them). I still remember how intense the experience of seeing Being John Malkovich or the Matrix or American Beauty in theaters was. Even though I didn’t see it that year, Fight Club is totally brilliant. Sleepy Hollow, possibly my favourite Burton film, was released. And although I didn’t see it then, the Green Mile, with one of Sam Rockwell’s best performances ever, was released.

    As someone on cinematical said, “1999 was a really great year. EW even made a case for it in a cover story:,,271806,00.html