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Welcome to Utah

May 19th

After two nights of camping in the rain and snow, Fabien and I were definitely ready for a hot shower and a warm bed. The weather was still sketchy as we crossed the border to Utah, alternating between dark clouds, brief showers and sunny patches. Though there were some mountainous scenic drives to do in the region, we decided to head straight to Moab; neither of us was very motivated to get stuck in a snowstorm. The road to Moab was almost surreal with bizarre orange rock formations jutting up from the sides of the highway. We made a lengthy detour to the “Needles” viewpoint to see some of the most untouched land in North America, a series of colorful canyons and rocks that were carved out by the Colorado and Green Rivers. We arrived in Moab around 2pm on a Thursday afternoon. I was expecting the town of Moab to be more charming; it was basically a  strip of motels, tour operators and restaurants. The obvious draw is the amazing natural landscapes. It’s an outdoor lover’s paradise, perfect for mountain biking, rafting, climbing and hiking. Apparently a lot of other people felt the same was as us. We couldn’t find an available hotel room for less than $100 in the entire town (over the weekend there was 0% vacancy.) After some deliberation, we decided to drive up to Green River, about 50 miles away, to get a cheap room and return to Moab the following day to explore the national parks. This was the first time on our trip we couldn’t find accommodation where we wanted to stay.

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