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Two weeks, One Carry-On: What to Pack

I was asked: “How do you travel to Europe for two weeks with one carry-on bag?” Here’s how I did it:

Use the largest carry-on permitted (I believe it is 24-inches). I used Eagle Creek Hovercraft, but any wheeled luggage will do. Attach Messenger bag (with purse inside that can lie flat diagonally across front of your body when carried by itself for sightseeing and daily use) to the wheeled bag’s handle and zip thru airports and cities as needed. This luggage can unzip to provide an extra 2-inches of loft for returning with purchases but, if you do that, it will have to be shipped-through, not carried on. 

* = wear on airline

Two pair pants:

v     Black Chico’s Traveler pants (light-weight, drape nicely, can wad up; never wrinkle) – bring black Danskin tights to wear underneath for warmth.* The only downside to these and many similar travel pants is they have no pockets. How can clothing companies manufacture “travel clothes” without pockets? Sheer idiocy.

v     Black jeans (simply hip, everyone wears them in Europe)


v     Black shelf-bra camisole (Chico’s Traveler)*

v     Black long-sleeve V-neck pull-over (Chico’s Traveler)

v     light wool turtle-neck pullover (lavender-colored)

v     Long-sleeved big shirt, button-down, with black background and many colors in a pattern (to wear over pants and goes with any lighter shirt)*


v     Silk sweater, button-down, long enough to cover big shirt, has hood (olive-sage green)*

v     Overcoat (a lightweight black leather, mid-calf); TravelSmith has some great rain-proof or rain-resistant overcoats*

Shoes: Dansko clogs (any excellent walking shoe will work)*


v     wide fashion belt (woven black leather with large silver & gold buckle) to spruce up and compliment all outfits as needed

v     Pashmina wool/cashmere scarf in golds & greens to match all outfits (doubles as a shawl)*

v     Wristwatch, one pair of gold small-loop earrings, and the 2 rings and gold pendant I wear all the time*  

v     Folding umbrella


v     5 pair cotton panties (wear one pair)*

v     4 pair socks, 1 Danskin black tights (wear one pair socks)*

v     1 black bra (smooth cup, very comfortable)*

v     Long T-shirt for sleep shirt


v     Nail clippers, emery board, blush, toothbrush, throat lozenges, brush picks (like floss), small flashlight, Band-aids 

v     All liquids must fit into a clear 1-quart Zip-Lock bag, less than 4 oz each:

                        Leave-in hair conditioner

                        Liquid make-up, mascara

                        Small tube toothpaste


                        Body lotion

                        Eye cream

                        Cologne Splash

                        Clear nail polish

                        Packets of hand sanitizer

                        (You can always buy shampoo and/or soap wherever you go if needed)

Messenger Bag & Shoulder Purse (Eagle Creek) placed within

            In Purse:



Passport & tickets


Pill case (Advil)

Lip gloss

Business cards


Regular Glasses

Digital Camera

Cell Phone (International)

Address Book

In Messenger Bag:

Travel Guides


                        Journal & Pens

                        Book (paperback) to read

                        Foldable nylon tote bag

                        Snacks (energy bars, mints, etc.) For more tips, see next blog entry



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