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Thai Cuisine – Rat!

Yes, I should be writing about Mexico, but this story caught my eye.

BBC photo

From the BBC…(and thank you BBC for eliminating my appetite this eve)

Thai fast food sellers are enjoying a boom in rat sales, as people learn to love the taste of the rodent.

While rat has long been eaten in Thailand’s poorer northern regions, a growing number of the country’s roadside vendors are now serving it up.

The rats are drowned and sold uncooked or ready to eat, with happy customers purchasing rat meat for as much as 150 baht ($4.82; £2.30) a kilogram.

“It’s better than chicken,” one customer told the AP news agency.

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One response to “Thai Cuisine – Rat!”

  1. Thai foodie says:

    These are actually large field mice, and they are quite delicious. Whilst we don’t force these on anyone in our vacation villa in the rice paddies of Thailand’s Northeast, we are happy to take you out hunting them with muskets. And if you do not eat your catch, there are plenty who will! Do try this some time…it’s tasty, sustainable “fast” food…they run really rather rapidly. And of course, for pudding there are pan toasted insects. Yummy!

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