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Queretaro, Mexico – City Highlight

Queretaro, Mexico is rapidly turning into one the hottest places to seek teaching work. A youthful, university town of 800,000, Queretaro boasts of some fantasic historical sites (the city is 460 years old) and one of the best climates in the country.

Queretaro Mexico

QuerĂ©taro was founded in 1531 by Franciscan monks. It is both literally and figuratively an important crossroads of Mexican history. Four of the most significant events in Mexico’s history took place here. First, plans for Mexican independence from Spain were hatched here in 1810. Second, in 1848, the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was signed in QuerĂ©taro, ending the Mexican-American War, and surrendering nearly one-half of Mexico’s territory to the U.S. Third, in 1867, Austrian Archduke Maximilian was executed on a hill overlooking the city. And finally, in 1917, the Mexican Constitution was signed here.

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Where you have a large number of universities in Mexico, you have a large number of positions open to foreign language teachers…Queretaro is definitely on my list of places to watch for 2007.

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