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Finding Teaching Jobs in Mexico

Teaching in Mexico

There are lots and lots and lots of English teaching jobs in Mexico, for the first-time teacher, to the seasoned vet, to the university professor, and yes, even for the backpacking types – though adventuring and teaching through Mexico via the seat of your pants is getting harder to do.

Update: Get a detailed look at teaching in Mexico
In just about every city and village in Mexico, you’ll find at least a language school in which to teach. Most have a strong preference for experienced native-speaking teachers (read: Americans, Canadians, Brits, etc with some experience teaching EFL). Many of these language schools draw large numbers of Mexicans who enroll strictly to learn and practice English – something that the public education system doesn’t provide for very well. Even the higher-end private schools are not providing enough English instruction.

So what should you expect in working at a language school? Well, the pay isn’t great, but the cost-of-living is low too. Language schools are best geared for those just starting out teaching abroad, or for those who want only a part-time schedule with time to learn Spanish or explore Mexico.

As a native-speaking teacher, you’ll often find yourself teaching mid to high level groups, and mostly around communicative activities. Very little traditional teaching – GRAMMAR! – in language schools. This fits with current methodology in teaching abroad, and mostly fits what Mexican students are looking for in a class.

What about universities and international schools, you ask? Plenty of work there too, but you’ll need a relevant degree and some experience teaching under your belt. It’s quite common for those just starting out to work for a while in a language school while in-country opportunities at universities, colleges, and international schools present themselves.

UNAM Mexico

You’ll have to commit to a year at least to land the best jobs. No one wants to have a teacher start only to leave the students high and dry mid-semester.

So how to get these jobs?

One thing that many people find right off the bat is that little to no hiring is done via the net or telephone for Mexican language schools and universities. It just isn’t in the culture…not yet anyway.

The simplest way for most new to teaching abroad is to enroll in a TEFL program in Mexico. I work at such a place – Teachers Latin America – in Mexico City. Quick note – I have another blog entry going trying to gather worldwide TEFL course reviews, so readers can compare. A TEFL program in Mexico will be able to connect you to the jobs locally. As a matter of fact, while I work as the TEFL course instructor here, a very large part of my job is to maintain contact with the dozens of schools in our job placement network so that we can provide expert assistance to our TEFL graduates. The power of networking.

For many others, a route into TEFL is through correspondence or online study. A good option if you haven’t the time or ability to travel, but one with potential troubles. Number one trouble is lack of any observed teaching practice, which is easily the most important part of any onsite TEFL program. An employer desperate for a teacher may take on such a candidate, but most often, they are passed over for people already in Mexico or through stable, established contacts such as our job placement network.

We have quite a bit of experience in this field as well, and struggled to find a way to bridge the experience gap. How to offer a TEFL course online, at a good price, but that can somehow include real teaching experience? The answer was to go back to our strong connections to employment through the job placement network. We were able to develop a series of hands-on internships. Here’s an example as to how they work. Internships in Mexico and Latin America.

The internships provide for a cost-effective way to move from online TEFL study, to direct, real teaching abroad experience, and into a paid TEFL job. Rather than run into the wall of frustration of having an online certificate being an obstacle to employment, it is now a ticket to a teaching job abroad.

Already experienced? The simplest thing to do then is to plan far in advance. Come to Mexico and make local contacts at universities and international schools. Some of the biggest such schools will send recruiters abroad, but this isn’t all that common. you’ll simply have to do it like everyone else…network, network, network, and show up to make your job interviews in person.

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3 responses to “Finding Teaching Jobs in Mexico”

  1. Paul J. says:

    I am Paul J. living in Cameroon. I am looking for a school to teach. If anyone knows of a good teaching job somewhere, please do not hesitate to contact me via email. Thanks very much

  2. Bryan Bland says:

    To whom it may concern,
    We have been living in Tequisquiapan, Mexico for almost a month. My wife has her degree and has been teaching for over 12 years (special education) in the states. She has submitted her resume to the Victoria School here in Tequisquiapan and recently interviewed at the John F. Kennedy School in Jurica, Queretaro. Is there anywhere else she can apply? She is anxious to start working. We have relocated here. I am retired from law enforcement. Thank you in advance.

  3. daral says:

    Job in Mexico are not good. Income of Job in Mexico is not reasonable.
    Performance of School and college in Mexico are not well.

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