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Bangkok to Chiang Mai

After getting off the internet, we lounged around the hotel killing time before we headed off to the train station. I got a chocolate sundae which was delightful after spending the whole day walking through the hot sun. At around 430ish we jumped in cabs and headed for the train station. At the station we picked up some food. I ate at some gross vendor which I didn’t feel good about but ate it anyway cause it was cheap like usual. I picked up some quality snacks and several beers to consume on the train. At around 6pm it was time to board the train. It was surprisingly nicer than i thought it would be. I had the bottom bunk and was pleased that Morrie wanted the top one. And then we were off. We all started noshing on our snacks and yapping it up. This was only day 2 and most of us needed to become further acquainted with one another. At night after deciding not to get the dinner on the train, it was time to crack open some beers; Chiang beers at 6.4 percent are great. Little to no hangover for me after those bad boys. Later at night a bunch of us headed to the disco car for some more beers and fun. They were playing some cheezy music, had some christmas lights, but the coolest part was the fact that the windows were all open so you could look out and see the sights.

Internet time running out. Short entry, do more later tonight



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