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No I´m not typing erradically, this is actually an Icelandic word (one of the three I know) that describes the big party weekend in early August.  It´s Monday evening here in the land of fire and ice and the workers of Iceland are probably home by now nursing skull bender hangovers from three days of drunken madness.  As you can well imagine it didn´t take much arm twisting to get us rafters to join in on the festivities.  Here are some stats for my first verslunarmannahelgi.

Case of beer- $41.50  Party supplies don´t run cheap here.  No sir.

Shot of Stroh-  $8.30  Ah, the spirit of Austria. 

Alcohol content of Stroh- 80%  This stuff is killing me.  True fire water.

Number of Varmalið Hotel burgers consumed by raft guides this weekend- 13  If you came all the way to Iceland just for this burger the trip would be worth it. 

Number of safety kayaker swims today- 2  Yes that´s both of them.

Guide swims- 1

Number of moons to finally make an appearance- 1


It´s finally starting to get dark here.  Happy verslunarmannahelgi everyone.

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  1. Oowada Shigeru says:

    Your face seems to be a philosopher.

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