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A night out in Blonduos

Monday, July 30th, 2007

At midnight they arrive.  You never know it´s midnight here which is made obvious by the fact that me and Chris the Cannuck are on our way out the door to play frisbee and watch the sunset.

Two girls get out of the car and introduce themselves.  I´ve given up on Icelandic names already and tap people on the shoulder if I want to talk to them. 

“You want to go to Blonduos for a party?”  You´re damn right I do.

We drive an hour skulling beers and possibly vodka through Iceland´s rocky, sunny scenery and arrive at this so called party.  It´s more like a shitty band in a high school gymnasium and costs 3,000kronur to get in.  That´s $50!  I´m not paying $50 to get into anything.  Chris goes in ands scouts out the sneak in possibilities.  Through a stroke of luck we all happened to have taken the bouncers rafting the previous week.

“Can you let me and some friends in?” asks Chris.

“How many?”


“No problem!” 

The girls who drove us are pissed because they just forked out the 3,000kr.

The band was such complete crap that if I had paid to get in I think I might have murdered the lead singer in my drunken rage.  This is pretty much how the rest of the night went:

Whoa, almost tripped there.


I´m okay, I´m okay.

This guy right here…this guy is the guy. I love this guy.
Then I passed out on the car and the police took pictures of me.  I think I´m really starting to fit in here in Iceland.

The Vikings, Icelanders

Monday, July 30th, 2007

“Don´t we get gloves?” The guy looks at me with bloodshot eyes and my eyes can´t help wandering to his tossled blond hair that looks like it was styled by the corner of a sofa. He reeks of beer.

“You don´t need gloves man, you´re a viking!” Oh right. He looks reassured but only for a moment. I stop short of saying “and you´re still drunk” but I know the alcohol isn´t going to keep him warm at all. It might make him puke once he hits the ice cold water though.

This is a trend here on the river. Despite the ridiculously high alcohol prices Icelanders still love to get wasted. And in turn we love to take them out into the glacial waters and waste them all over again. On this particular day we´re taking the 10-11 crew, as in 10am to 11pm, from the northern city of Akureyri. 10-11 is a supermarket and judging from the name all this drinking has made people a little lazy. The 7-11 thing doesn´t fly in a country known for its wicked hangovers.

The trip turns out to be a fiasco. Flips galore, lots of swimmers, and panic, panic, panic. One of the rather large ladies spent most of the trip screaming down the rapids like she was about to die. She actually was because I wanted to kill her.

When we get back to the bus she insists on hocking up a huge loogy that she swears came out of her lungs.

Generally Icelandic customers are awesome. I don´t mind the hangovers or canceled trips. They are energetic, gung-ho, hard paddling folks that can come in my boat anytime.

On Life in Iceland

Monday, July 30th, 2007
Okay so I´ve been in Iceland far too long to not have blogged about it yet.  The reality is that the minute I stepped off the plane I´ve been working my ass off rafting and kayaking down the East and ... [Continue reading this entry]

The Vasa Museum

Monday, July 30th, 2007
I´m a sucker for history museums and the Vasa Museum is one of the most interesting  to which I´ve been.  There is nothing better than turning up in a new country and heading to the museum to get a bearing ... [Continue reading this entry]

Stockholm, Sweden

Thursday, July 26th, 2007
In 1969 my Mom and Aunt Janet flew to Europe, bought a VW bug, and toured around for a while. I´ve listened to the stories throughout my life and since childhood have wanted to see those places. Stockholm ... [Continue reading this entry]

Torun, Poland

Monday, July 9th, 2007
For my last stop in Poland I head northwest toward the Baltic Sea but stop halfway in the beautiful little town of Torun, part preserved Gothic town and part university town.  If you´ve ever dreamed of studying in arched nooks ... [Continue reading this entry]

Kayaking in Poland: I´m sunk

Monday, July 9th, 2007
My buddy Lech grew up in the half rural, half Warsaw bedroom community of Sochaczew.  We spend the Summer Solstice weekend near here kayaking an unrunable river, the raging Rawka.  When the 12 of us ... [Continue reading this entry]

Europe: A different travel scene and a night out in Krakov

Monday, July 9th, 2007
I think Midori, one of the many Japanese travelers I met in "the ´stans" said it best: "Central Asia is for dreamers."  The healthy sprinkling of people I met in ... [Continue reading this entry]

Oh woe is Warsaw

Monday, July 9th, 2007
Poland´s had a rough century and nowhere are the scars more visible than in Warsaw.  The town was reduced to a bombed out shell by the Germans, then rebuilt by the communists and now capitalists to form the schitzophrenic city ... [Continue reading this entry]

Boycotting Russia

Monday, July 9th, 2007
Russia pisses me off. Not in a red commie kind of way, but a Putin´s an asshole and their visa requirements are a fucking joke kind of way. My original plan was to hop a train to Moscow ... [Continue reading this entry]