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Tranquility Falls

On our first day in The Manor Cottage, Chris told us about a 25 minute hike up the mountain near our home to a waterfall. It sounded much more interesting than work, so the kids and I headed up to explore.

Looking Back on Hout Bay from Chapman's Peak

The path headed straight up the mountain. The route took us through colorful flowers we had never seen before. Who knew we would get into birds and flowers in this country. The views over the city and the harbor were amazing. From the top you can see the entire basin of Hout Bay. Hout Bay has a working harbor filled with boats. You can see the Atlantic Ocean to the left, a huge mountain to the right and the harbor in the foreground. The walk took us over streams, rocks and up to the 40 ft. waterfall canopied by trees. Someone had brought up a bench. We decided to bring Carl back for lunch.

I am falling in love with this place. It has both the mountains I love and the beaches and boats Carl loves. We have been here a total of 72 hours and I already want to move. Imagine that.

Cape Town feels nothing like the rest of Africa that we have seen so far. It is very western. The shops are clean and the restaurants are plenty. The food in South Africa suits us perfectly. There are a lot of different meats, all set for the “braai” or grill. Meat in the grocery stores comes marinated and ready to go.

After living in hostels and hotels for the last five weeks, it is fabulous to be settled in and have a fridge full of food. With internet and a phone, we are feeling like a million bucks. Our first house-guests arrive for dinner this evening. Ryan and Anne, a couple from California we met at “The Backpack.” They are traveling for 15 months. He is a horticulturalist and is here for an internship with the Kirschenbosch Botanical Gardens. We had a great evening enjoying a few bottles of South African wine and lots of great meat.

We have found a home.

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