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Clash of the Titans


Hi all! It’s been a while, I know. As I get ready to write this blog entry about Greece, I’m sitting in Cape Town, South Africa. It’s pissing down rain, and I’ve been advised countless times to keep track of my bag, watch out for muggers, don’t go out after dark, etc. etc. Today after the update, I’m going to book some stuff for myself for the next few days, at least. The options = overwhelming. But, more about South Africa later – back to Greece.

Karen and Mike and I met up at the airport in Athens, no problemo. Got to our hotel/hostel with a minimum of confusion, too. The first few hours/day in a foreign city are always the hardest, before you know where you’re going. We took it easy the first night and dined on gyros (of course) and drank Mythos, the Greek national beer, walking through a square to get there that we dubbed “Hooker Square” – I’m sure y’all can guess why. May 1st dawned hot and sunny, but unbeknownst to us, it’s also Greek Labor Day. That means everything, including the Acropolis = closed. And we were leaving the next morning for Santorini. So we walked around dejectedly instead, drank some more beers, ate some more gyros, and saw 1) a kitty with its legs broken, dragging its body across a piece of plywood, and 2) a bar fight, and I mean FIGHT, right outside our hostel, where 5 dudes chased one guy down and started punching/kicking and hitting him with a bat. We told the front-desk guy at our hotel, and his response was “well, maybe it’s because of the football.” That was it. We didn’t see a chalk outline the next morning though, so I guess he lived. We changed our plans to come back on the early ferry on the 6th though, so we could see the Acropolis. Pictures, as always, to come when I can figure out the upload process.


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  1. Jen says:

    love the photo by the ruins!

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