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I am a mosquito pin cushion

Saturday, March 1st, 2008

Seriously, people, my skin looks like that pointillist painting from Ferris Bueller. I’ve lost so much blood it’s my new diet plan. Bye bye tapeworm, hello, blood loss! Well, I’m still here in the British Virgin Islands, my last night on Virgin Gorda (fat virgin in Spanish), thusly called because it’s very hilly on both ends and skinny in the middle. Tomorrow night it’s back to Tortola, the most populated of the BVI, and Spanish for turtle dove. None of those left though, because they brought a bunch of mongooses here (which look a little like ferrets) to eat all the snakes. After they ate all the snakes, they ate all the birds. Now they just eat out of the dumpsters. To tell you the truth, I’m a little road weary. I just want to unpack my bag, somewhere, anywhere. Though I suppose I shouldn’t look a gift hotel room in the mouth. I could be ass-deep in snow right now.

Not taking many pictures because it seems like something is wrong with my camera since Phoenix, like a little white cloud in the right corner, so you’ll just have to take my word for it that it’s gorgeous here. Maybe I’ll snap some shots tomorrow. It’s very hilly, like San Francisco hilly; the brake-burning smell has become all too familiar in my rental car. I just hope they hold out till I leave tomorrow and I don’t plummet. It’s very green too, but arid. All sorts of leafy plants like bougainvillea, but also cacti growing everywhere. The character of the islands is very different from the Caymans and the Turks and Caicos. Duh, I suppose, but I guess I always thought of the Caribbean as sun and sand and that all the islands were pretty much the same in that regard – they’re not. Both Cayman and Turks and Caicos are beach destinations, and I would say the Virgin Islands definitely are not. The Virgin Islands are more of a boat destination – cruise ships, yachts, sailboats – than a beach destination. So if anyone was thinking of chartering a yacht for a week’s sailing, this is the place.

Today I went to this cool area called The Baths (no pictures, sorry). It’s an area of beach and little grottoes with all these huge boulders thrown around like some giant tossed his marbles (not cookies) there. It’s usually overrun with cruise ship tourists, but today was very peaceful and quiet because there were no cruise ships in harbor. It was a pretty relaxing day, but somehow I ended up with a weird tan/burn line across the middle of my neck. I think it was caused by one of my chins resting there and blocking the sun. Speaking of sun, I don’t think I’m getting enough. When I start on the US Virgin Islands on the 7th, I’m going to spend much more time blowing off work and lying on the beach. Like, why do I need to actually GO to all these hotels anyway? I can get all this crap off the Internet. The most important thing is to come home with a tan, right? Right! xx