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Wallabies, kiwis, kangaroos–oh my!

The rugby game was awesome! It was down at Olympic Park and the entire arena and outside areas were teeming with people all geared up to see the match. I met up with a group of kiwis before the game, so we went out around the stadium before the game. It was a crash course in All Blacks chants. With my rugby social singing skills, I was a quick study. My seat worked out (thanks for all the info from my computer, Dad) and I was 17 rows back from the half line. I could see everything, like the blood and sweat dripping off the players, and I could hear the collision when there were scrums. The Wallabies showed some life in the beginning as they were up 13-nil for a bit, but then the All Blacks came back with a vengence. They were able to get the ball out to the wings with no problem at all, and repeatedly used the chip and run play that we never seemed to get right at Bates. The Wallabies, on the other hand, couldn’t get it together, and their forwards kepts getting messed up in the line and running into rucks without any support. So in the end the All Blacks won and now the Wallabies are pretty much out of the tri nations.

Today I went with a few people from the hostel out to the Blue Mountains, which are blue from the eculyptus trees (from the Blue Mountains, Sydney is also blue). There were parrots and cockatoos just chilling in the wild. Heather, if you thought I was excited about the cow in Costa Rica, I almost fell down the cliff when I saw the cockatoos. But I didn’t. We did get a bit lost, but then we made our way to the bottom of the valley. It looks like the grand canyon with trees. And there are huge rock formations coming out of the rainforest. It was quite beautiful.

I also got to pet some kangaroos and koalas at a zoo. They are so soft and a bit smelly, but they make up for that in cuteness.

Tonight a bunch of us are going out in the area where we are staying. I’m at Kings Cross, which means we’ll be braving the prostitutes and junkies. Don’t worry, it’s safe, but it’s quite the area. It reminds me of Adams Morgan, actually.

Here is a picture of the Three Sisters rock formation. Three%20Sisters.jpg

Here I am feeding a kangaroo. Kangaroo.jpg


5 Responses to “Wallabies, kiwis, kangaroos–oh my!”

  1. Mom Says:

    The Three Sisters formation is breathtaking. And I had no idea that kangaroos were so small. Am enjoying the narratives, so keep them coming. Also, I thought you were cheering for the Wallabies! Enjoy the cool weather as it has been 100+ here…103 on the car temp.

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  3. Dad Says:

    Sounds like you are having a wonder time. Just don’t forget to come home.


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  5. missy Says:

    those pictures are really neat! Can’t wait for you to come home to see more! Very glad my geography is not as bad as i thought it was and that i was able to help with the packing situation prior to you leaving! Looks like you’re having a great time down there. can’t wait to hear more!

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  7. Heather Simpson Says:

    Glad you were able to control yourself at the sight of the cockatoos and did not fall off the cliff! Looks like you have mastered the blog technology, pictures and all. Good work! 😉

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  9. Daniel McNeely Says:

    Glad to see that you’re having fun. 1L orientation started today and their ugly as ever. Keep posting so I can be informed of life in Australia. Buy yourself some Aussie Bum shorts. They’re the best.

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  11. Albert Says:

    Hey Becca!

    Looks like you’re having a trip full of stuff to do down there. Keep posting pics.

    How was the flight on Queensland And North Terriroty Air Service?

    A little winter sounds good about now actually. It’s pretty right now hot in DC.

    Keep having fun!

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