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Tuesday, August 2nd, 2005

Welcome to my Bar trip blog! Since my student life has officially ended for the time being, I decided to head down to Australia to make my last summer vacation really worth it. Besides getting to see a small bit of Australia, the best part is that I’m visiting my college roommate, Jo, for a week.

Before I head off to Australia, I’m stopping in California to visit friends and family. I officially leave for Australia on Saturday, August 6. The whole time change is wild to me. I will not have an August 7 in 2005, since I leave on the 6th and arrive on the 8th. But on the way back I arrive in LA before I left Australia, so in the end I guess I still get 365 days this year. I’m actually excited for the flight because I’ve been saving the new Harry Potter for the plane ride. I’m sure at some point during the 15 hour flight the excitement will wear off, but hopefully I can read slow enough to make the book last.

Just so everyone knows my plans, I’ll be in Melbourne for about a week, then Sydney to see a real rugby match (Wallabies v. All Blacks), then Cairns to dive on the Great Barrier Reef, and finally a small stop in Brisbane before heading back home. I’m hoping to update this every few days, but that will depend on Internet access and whatnot. It will also depend on whether I remember how to do this. I’ve already had to contact the blog people to figure out where my blog was (I had started it, but couldn’t remember the web address). Hopefully I’ll be able to navigate Australia better than the Internet.

Hope everyone has a great August! Keep in touch.

Wish me luck!