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For those of you with sketchy geography, it’s winter in southern Australia. But winter here is like winter in California–a long-sleeve shirt and light jacket is normally fine. But not this week. In something like the first time in over 20 years, it snowed in Melbourne! I am honored to have been here for such a momentous event. I pretty much look like the kid in A Christmas Story playing in the snow with all the layers I am wearing. Thankfully I can wear Jo’s jackets, or I’d be a little popsicle, since I came over with just one bag and a carry on. (Missy, clearly you were right for me to not pack all the tanktops I own). But with a few fleeces and a scarf, I’ve been tooling around Melbourne and loving it.

Melbourne is full of beautfiul arcades (at this point I would post a picture, but I can’t find the usb port on this computer. Luckily Paul, Weiss has tech support, or next year would be a disaster) and loads of art galleries. By this point I’ve hit most of Aboriginal art galleries. The pieces look like stipple with a big, colorful brush. The arcades are these ornate buildings with mosaic floors and glass walls. With the cold, I stop into a coffee shop every few hours to warm up. The coffee is amazing, and I haven’t really had a jet lag problem since I’ve been hopped up on caffeine since I’ve been here.

Jo took a sickey the other day and we went out this island a few hours from here. The landscape is kind of like Maine, with rocky shores, except that there is bright green moss and grass covering everything. It was pretty much a ghost town because of the season and weather, but we had some meat pies (kind of like chicken pot pie I guess, but with red meat or lamb) and braved the elements. The seagulls were getting caught in the wind and whooshing out to the water, and at some point Jo and I literally had to hit the deck to avoid getting knocked into. That would be a crap way to go–bowled over by seagulls.

Jo’s been taking me to all the little pubs in Melbourne. Melbourne is known for hole in the wall places with delicious beer. I’m quite a fan of Carlton Draught. They have the best commercial. Go to to view it. I love the yellow beer guys dancing. It’s not quite as good as the dancing fat kid, but it’s a great beer commercial. Last night we went to St. Kilda, which is on the bay. It has tons of bars that play live music every night. We saw the Zombie Sex Gang. If you picture angry thirteen year olds screaming into a microphone, then you didn’t miss a thing. We went to some different places that are in old hotels with fireplaces.

Today is a bit nicer outside, so I’m about to head off on a little walking tour of Melbourne. I could spend all day looking at the signs. My favorite is “buckle up or feel the pain.” That one is all over the highways and busy streets. Nothing like telling it how it is.

As of tomorrow I’m off to Sydney for the rugby game. Apparently it’s one of the biggest games of the year since it’s against the All Blacks, so I’m getting totally geared up.

Hope all is well over in the States!


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  1. Dad Says:

    Thanks for theupdate.
    Stay warm!


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  3. Mom Says:

    Snow angels in August…what fun! Enjoy the next leg of your trip.

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  5. Sam Says:

    Good to see an update. How does that commercial compare to “Tiny House”? Have fun at the rugby game!

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