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I think I’ve figured out the picture thing, so here goes. This one is of Jo and I–as you can all see, she is doing very well and sends her love to everyone. Jo and I

We went to a koala conservatory, so here’s a picture from that. Koala They sleep 20 hours a day!

This one will give you an idea of how the weather was in Melbourne.Wind I’m in Sydney now, and the weather is much more pleasant. And with the sold out crowd at the rugby match tonight, I’m sure it will be warm there too. Yea body heat.

Now I need to go figure out how to get to the rugby match. Let’s hope for a Wallabies win!


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    Hope the rugby was fun. The koala is cute – the other puictures were too large to see.
    Since it is over 100 degrees here, you are licky to be in Sydney.


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