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Greetings all!

Here I am saying goodbye to lovely Santa Monica. By the next time I post a picture I’ll probably look a bit more haggard, but who knows, maybe the malaria pills will agree with me…

Ariella Santa Monica

Here’s a link to the first place I’m staying in Quito: The Secret Garden. I fly out on March 25th. Slightly nervous but trying to remain calm. The trip should be pretty amazing.


3 responses to “Greetings all!”

  1. Verica says:

    Bon Voyage, my friend! Have a great trip…
    Grosses bises
    Verica, Thomas, Nico and John

  2. Holly & Ryan says:

    By the time you read this you will already have a couple of travel stories to tell. From experience we know you are the best at finding adventure abroad. Cant wait to hear what youre up to!

  3. David Boyk says:

    I’m coming to find you, my new love. I’ll protect you!

  4. Rachel and Crew says:

    Glad you are having mucho fun! Hope you return speaking Spanglish like we have to in Miami.

  5. nicole says:

    Ariella mi amiga-

    ¡Que bueno! Estoy muy muy envidioso. No te perdiste nada en LA…. pero ayer el temprano estaba embravecido. Viento, lluvia, nieve en las montañas, muchos barrios perdieron electricidad… estaba loco.
    ¡Bueña suerte con su viaje!
    ¡un beso- no, mejor… Dos!

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