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Because blogging is more fun than working

Sunday, November 19th, 2006

It is a fact that college students’ apartments are never cleaner than they are the night before a big exam. It’s pretty sad when scrubbing the toilet sounds like more fun than cracking a book, but it’s so true, and so not exclusive to college students. I shouldn’t even be here writing this right now, but I’ve got a nearly 1,000 page software manual sitting next to me that I’m meant to be studying for a certification I have to do for work that I can’t even bear to look at. My apartment actually could’ve used a good scrub, but instead of vacuuming and mopping I opted for more fun procrastination activities and did a bit of shopping, made a huge batch of sweet potato soup and topped up my tan at the beach this afternoon. As I wrote that last sentence I actually started feeling a bit guilty. Should I study? Nah, I’ll just put a pillow over the book so I can’t see it. Problem solved.

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That other fireworks day

Thursday, July 6th, 2006

I can hardly believe it’s July already. That means I’ve been at my job for a month now, the World Cup is nearly over, and the next holiday I have to look forward to is Possum Day. On the plus side, I now have full health coverage in the event of an accidental death or dismemberment…always a good thing.

This past weekend I spent my half-birthday nearly the same way I spent my last real birthday—drinking with Kelly in a bar full of English people. We went down to the Cricketer’s Arms, our favorite overpriced Orlando pub, to watch England play Portugal in the World Cup quarterfinals. We had to pay $5 just to get in, which was a bit annoying considering the match was being broadcast on ABC and anyone with a crap TV and a pair of rabbit ears can get it for free. Or maybe we were paying for the ambience…I’m not sure, but we got there early enough to get seats in front of the giant screen, so we weren’t complaining. I can honestly say we got our money’s worth out of the game, although it was a heartbreaker when the match remained scoreless at the end of the extra time and Portugal went on to win in penalty kicks. There was enough déjà vu in that pub to make you want to cry.

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Back where it began

Monday, April 17th, 2006
It's funny. In the past year I've graduated, spent a couple of months traveling all over Europe, moved to London to work for six months, but now that I'm back in Florida it feels like I'm ... [Continue reading this entry]

Home again

Monday, August 15th, 2005
As the title suggests, I'm back home again. And the honeymoon period was short-lived. I did get the homecooked meal I had requested when I came home (Hamburger Helper with green peas and biscuits...mmm), but that was about all the ... [Continue reading this entry]