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It’s ALIVE!!!

Monday, September 25th, 2006

Joy of all joys, happiness beyond all belief–no, the kitties haven’t taught themselves to use the toilet–my lost blog entries have been recovered!!! I’ve been searching the past couple days, looking for cached versions of the missing pages, but to no avail. I knew it was hopeless, but I just kept checking, thinking maybe, just maybe, I’d get lucky. Then tonight my hopefulness was rewarded! Finally! I know that in the grand scheme of life losing a couple paragraphs’ worth of personal account of rather uneventful moments in my life is nothing, but it really did bother me. Not only because these entries take quite a lot of time to put together (believe it or not), but because I know that without having something written down it’s as good as forgotten in the years to come. And forgetting moments lived is like the proverbial tree falling in the forest. It’s all well and good if you’ve got someone there to witness your life so you can say a year from now, “Remember that time when I put a gummy bear on the window and it stuck and it looked like it was an evil gummy bear flying in the air all on its own in that picture I took?”, but in times like these when my only roommates are two cats and a gecko, a girl has to make do with what she has so that when I’m seventy I’ll be able to refer back to this and tell my grandchildren all about my exciting life of cat toilet behavior and crappy reality TV.

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Not so happy hour

Sunday, July 16th, 2006

Despite being a short week at work, and considering it started out with a trip to the Bahamas, this seemed like a painfully long week, so I was more than happy when a girl from work (I’ll call her Girl from now on…you’ll understand why) emailed me about meeting up for happy hour Friday evening after work. Little did I know then that over the course of the several hours we would spend together, an entire hour’s worth of happiness would be wishful thinking.

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