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October 20th – Pearl Harbour

I actually read some of the guide book and have made a plan of what we would like to do and see. I doubt we will have time to do everything so I guess we will just have to come back one day! It was supposed to be cloudy so I thought a trip to Pearl Harbour would be educational. The bus takes just over an hour and only $4 return for all of us. Lots of tourists use the bus which is so much better than our system. I have yet to meet a bus driver who was not friendly or very helpful. The bus can take 2 wheelchairs and the getting on and off is very easy for them. The worst is lokking a complete idiot when you are trying to pronounce the place names to the driver. I have tried to just lilt my voice to try and sound more native but there is just no chance.

I will not re-cap the history of Pearl Harbour – that’s what the internet and the film is for! There is a memorial “gateway” which sits above the water where the sunken Arizona resides – with 1100 interred. I found this a bit spooky but some men after they die have their remains also interred there so that they can be with their brothers again. It still has oil leaking from it – commonly referred to as black tears.

The memorial can only be accessed by boat – the entry and boat trip are free. It was a very sombre day, made more so by the tour guide who introduced a film about the events. He had cerebal palsy I think and had many facial muscle spasms. To get in front of an audience anyway is tough going but his emotion really made you think about the events even more. He got a cheer from everyone as I think we were all touched – made him laugh.

Shopping at Walmart lifted us back up – Josh and I now have snorkels!

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