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Watching The Fishies


Mokapu Beach
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We decided to go snorkelling again and drove all along the West coast looking for a good spot. A German couple at the hostel had recommended a small beach at Makena, they had seen turtles, manta rays and a moray eel. We found the beach but the surf was really strong so went back to the beach from the other day. It had seemed that all the fish had disappeared! The current was very strong but Josh managed to see a turtle (again O missed out!)

Found out today that a shark bit someone’s leg at just the next beach…….only 25ft out – kind of makes it more exciting!

I am so sad to be leaving Hawaii and all it’s beauty. It has exceeded my very high expectations and I have certainly fallen in love with Maui in a way I never expected to. The people who live on the island all love it and although this is not a surprise it adds to the feeling that you are drawn to it. I left a little piece of my heart here – I won’t be whole again until I come back to get it………..


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