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October 28th – Ocean Deep To Mountain High


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Woke up with a bit of trepidation. I am starting to worry about the S America leg of the trip as it will really be our first taste of travelling off the beaten track. I need to be happy with the fact that planning everything is not always a good thing and adventures usually happen when the unexpected occur – just look at where we are now. I just hate the thought of travelling anywhere without a plan B. I was also worried about making a complete idiot of myself surfing as today was our lesson. I’ve always fancied giving it a go though.

The surf school – Goofy Foot was in the picturesque town of Lahania. The sun was shining and apparently the surf was high today so a good day to learn. We got there early and the staff could not have been more friendly. We were in a group of 5, us and a young Canadian couple from Toronto. Our instructor Nate soon made us feel at ease even with everyone on the beach looking at us practicing the getting up position on the sand. For those of you who have done Body Balance/Yoga – imagine the Warrior 2 pose I think it is and that’s basically it. I was knackered before we even started in the water. There is an area in the water set aside for learning so you take it in turns to have your practice with the instructor on a wave and then go back to a “safe place” to wait your turn again. O was first and I must say she is a natural – she stood up and rode right into the beach on her first go. We were all cheering her on. Josh stood up too so it was down to me to keep the family honour going. Let’s just say it took me till the 3rd wave to really get it and wow – I actually surfed today – amazing. O actually scratched her knee on the reef so had blood pouring out of both knees. She was fussed over and everyone was saying she had some surfing scars to brag about now. It was just a scratch……………..

As we were all on a high after our lesson we came back to the hostel for lunch and then drove to the top of the Halekala crater. A 10,000 ft summit. You drive through the clouds to get to it – very spooky but the views were stunning. We passed cyclists looking murderous going up, beats me why you would come on holiday to punish yourself so much but each to their own. We had fun coming down in the car trying not to use the accelerator at all – just the brake. We had no-one behind us so when the car slowed down to a near stop on the small inclines we all swayed to try and push it forward. Only had to use the gas once so not bad.

Started to pack tonight and then we have realised that we are not leaving tomorrow as I thought we have another day here – yeah! We are going to try snorkelling at a bay recommend by a German couple staying here. They saw turtles, manta rays and a moray eel so sounds like fun.

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