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October 27th – Road To Hana

Volcanic Beach Road To Hana

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The road to Hana is always listed as a must see by everyone who has visited the island. A long windy road over the East to South of the island with lots of sights and trails that can take anything from 4 hours up to explore. We got on the road early. The road winds round and round and up and down in some places. There is flora and fauna galore to see and in some places the scenery reminded me of Jurassic Park. The coastline was stunning and we stopped off at a black sand beach which was littered with tiny jellyfish and explored the secret caves. The volcanic sand was all crunchy under your feet – very strange.

I am still amazed at people who seem to turn up, take a photo to prove they were there and then immediately depart again. Whatever happened to taking in the atmosphere and keeping a memory inside? It can cheer you up ona rainy day when you least expect it. Bragging rights aside, sometimes cameras are our own worst enemy.

Pit stop in the afternoon was Twin Falls. Another Hawaiian “short” trek to a spectacular fall in the woods. By the time we got there we were covered in mud, had used ropes to get down to the falls and were so glad to see water. A huge rope under the falls allows you to go and swing in the water and falls to your heart’s content. Ophelie was the only one brave enough to try it (with the help of some mad Americans) and wiped out spectacularly.

Back at the hostel in the evening a new couple arrived. They had been to the Big Island and taken a helicopter ride over the volcano. Quite a treat as he was a geologist. We were so jealous but funds will not quite stretch that far!

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