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Maui Rainbow

Maui Rainbow

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October 26th – Mokapu Beach

It was raining all night and I did not sleep well. I am next to the window so visions of a leaping pink lizard kept me awake. He was still on the windowsill this morning giving me the eye – well singing with bum in the air – nice.

Hostel was busy this morning with guests, it makes a nice change from the anonymity of hotels. Apparently it does not matter if it is raining here the beaches are still sunny so we set off towards the SW coast to Kihei and Wailea in search of some good snorkelling. We finally decided on Mokapu beach as it had free parking and snuck in the last spot (much to the annoyance of the car behind us). Driving around showed us some amazing beach front houses – you can only guess at how much they are worth but how cool to wake up with that view every morning. The towns are so under-developed here compared to Oahu. Wailea has been landscaped to death as there are a few v posh resorts with golf courses. It is stunning but feels a bit too perfect. O found out in one of the freebie mags that all the stars come here – knew I should have got out the lip gloss!

The beach was a nice bay with a long sandy shelf in the water and a reef that started about 10m out. It was only later that I found out the beach had been shut twice this week due to shark sightings! Wow – the visi\bility was so much better than Hanuama bay and it made for better snorkelling as it was not so shallow. W saw so many fish and swam through shoals of them. I can’t describe how cool it is to just float and watch a whole other world carry on below you. We saw puffer fish – huge at about 12 inches each, shoals of long stick fish that just sat on the bottom and even divers beneath us.

Got talking to a Maui resident who gave us lots of tips and a nice couple from San Diego who kept having to phone home – their house was about 4 miles from the current fires that have destroyed a lot of California. Luckily that were not affected. Went in for a third snorkel (O went off to the loo – beaches have fab facilities here) and there I was just floating when a sea turtle swam beneath me. It just looked around and swam on. I followed it for about 5 mins (keeping my distance above) and it was amazing. You can imagine how annoyed O was when she found me.

She managed to take out some of her frustration by helping me building Josh into a mermaid in the sand…………….

Following on from a beach recommendation we finished the day off at Maui Ocean Centre. It has an amazing array of fish and is very well set out. It was great to see the kids pointing and saying how they had swam with this one or that one. There were turtles for them to see too!

So all this today and on the way home a double rainbow. I have never seen such a huge rainbow but I guess that’s Maui style.

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