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October 24th – Maui Bound

The transportation for the airport was a no show so reception ordered us a taxi. A limo arrived – nothing like doing it in style. The kids were very under-whelmed by the whole trip but that’s teenagers for you. The half hour plane trip was worth it just for the views of the islands – breath taking.

We have hired a car on Maui as public transportation is scarce. We have a Chrysler PT Cruiser so should be doing the sights in style. The hostel Peace Of Maui is in the middle of nowhere but the scenery really is stunning. Mount Halekala is in the distance with clouds that are nearly as low as you stand – this still freaks me out – that the clouds in Hawaii could be so low. There are dogs, mango and star fruit trees and the owner Tammi could not be more friendly.

Maui is so completely different from O’ahu. It is certainly less developed but the earth is red and the highways pass huge fields (tall sugar cane?) that you can imagine has some interesting wildlife. We have already had a little pink lizard come and visit us in our room but I think Josh’s shirt frightened him away. Rugged I sthe word to describe the scenery and the local population certainly tend towards the hippier side of life (without meaning that as an insult at all).

We parked for the local health food store in the library next door and the library police (even had a uniform) came running out and told us off for parking – can not have been a very exciting day. As soon as he heard my accent you could see him warm to us – bless they’re from England – they’re just stupid!

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    Will you be going to the Big Island?

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