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Waikiki Sunset 3

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October 22nd – Retail Therapy

A rest day today. We had a lie in and got the free shuttle to a Hawaiian institution – Hilo Hattie’s. Josh got to finally live out his fashion destiny and is now the proud owner of a Hawaiian shirt – bright, trashy and completely Josh.

I am surprised by the number of Japanese tourists here – they must account for about 50%. You say hello in Japanese (which I am not going to try and spell) as much as you say Aloha. Sushi bars and all the promotional books are in Japanese so it must be big business. O still has her flowery converse boots which she insisits on wearing even with her shorts – I think she might be a harajuku fashion hit as they get pointed at a lot. Either that or they have an older perspective on fashion like her past it mother.

Walked along the beach in the evening to catch the sunset. It makes me laugh as the tourists all come out for that 5 mins – do the photos and then it’s straight off again. Whatever happened to soaking in the atmosphere? There was a street artist doing paintings with aerosol cans on the street – amazing paintings. I could not resist and we decided on an underwater scene with turtles. I hope everytime I look at it I will be reminded of our snorkelling trip so thank you my old work as I have used some of the money to buy it.

We also invested (to Ophelie’s delight) in some UV tee shirt things so when we go again no issue with having to worry about burnt bits.

Oh PS – Ophelie managed to find her bag. By a strange co-incidence it is the same pattern as my sister’s ski jacket so T I think she has her eye on a matching set!!

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